GhanaPost Becomes Official Courier Service Provider for Okwahu United Football Club

Publish Date

September 12, 2023


GhanaPost, the national postal and courier service, has officially partnered with Okwahu United Football Club, a significant development for the sports and logistics industries in Ghana. Okwahu United fans and sports enthusiasts can look forward to a new era with the signing of the partnership agreement on September 11th, 2023.

The momentous signing ceremony took place at the corporate offices of GhanaPost in Accra. Representing GhanaPost was the Managing Director, Bice Osei Kuffour, a seasoned widely credited for the current positive growth trajectory of Ghana Post. On the other side of the agreement, Mr. Emmanuel Akoto Bamfo, Club executive of Okwahu United Football Club, put pen to paper, solidifying the partnership.

Under the terms of the agreement, selected GhanaPost offices will serve as dedicated sales outlets for all Okwahu United merchandise and paraphernalia. This move aligns with the club’s strategic goal to expand its fan base and provide supporters with easier access to their favorite team’s merchandise. Okwahu United boasts an impressive fan following of over 100,000 dedicated supporters, making this collaboration even more impactful.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Bice Osei Kuffour, MD of GhanaPost, expressed his excitement about this partnership. He stated, “We are thrilled to be the official courier service provider for Okwahu United Football Club. This partnership aligns with our commitment to serving the Ghanaian community and supporting local initiatives. Our extensive network of post offices across the nation will now be hubs for fans to purchase Okwahu United merchandise.”

On the sports front, Mr. Emmanuel Akoto Bamfo, the club executive representing Okwahu United, conveyed his optimism for the future. “This partnership with GhanaPost is a testament to our club’s dedication to providing top-notch experiences to our supporters. We believe this collaboration will not only enhance the accessibility of our merchandise but also strengthen our bond with our fans.”

The partnership signifies the convergence of sports and logistics, showcasing the potential for mutually beneficial relationships between different sectors in Ghana. As Okwahu United continues to make strides on the football pitch, GhanaPost is ready to support the club’s journey by ensuring that fans can proudly wear the team’s colors and merchandise, no matter where they are in the country.

This collaboration is not only a win for GhanaPost and Okwahu United but also a testament to the power of corporate partnerships in uplifting the nation’s sports and logistics industries. With the ink now dry on this agreement, fans of Okwahu United can eagerly anticipate easier access to their cherished team’s merchandise, all thanks to GhanaPost.

As the 2023 football season unfolds, all eyes will be on Okwahu United, and thanks to this partnership, fans will have even more reason to cheer for their beloved club. GhanaPost’s commitment to providing reliable courier services aligns perfectly with the spirit of sportsmanship, ensuring that Okwahu United’s success story continues to reach every corner of Ghana.