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Financial Services

Ghana Post Financial services

Another major product that has been introduced into our operations is the establishment of the Financial Services Department to oversee all financial services rendered by Ghana Post. These include domestic and foreign Remittances. The foreign money transfer services include: Western Union Money Transfer, Express Fund, Cash for Africa.

Remittance services

These includes foreign money transfer services like: Western Union, Money Gram, Express Fund, Ria among others. Soon, World Remit Remittance Service and other remittance services will kick in to give customers expected variety of services.


Provides the platform for customers to make online transactions and pay using the app. It is a Universal Postal Union initiative aimed at bridging the gap in the financial inclusion agenda. Pay your letter box bill here at your convenience.


Partnership with some Insurance companies to provide micro insurance products to support small scale enterprises, individuals’ traders and corporate persons. Ghana Post offers this service underwritten by Allianz Insurance over a year and counting…

Agency Banking

Setting banking services at strategic post offices to give our customers one-time experience with the post. Fidelity Bank already has presence in some of the post offices. Other banks are ready to set up as a means to bring banking experience to all Ghanaians.

In the meantime, it is impossible for customers to send money through Ghana Post to anybody abroad. But modalities are been put in place to make this service available to our valued customers. It is a common service in almost all our Post Offices nationwide.