Our Services

Ghana Postal Services

Postal Service

Ghana Post operates door to door delivery services for gated communities and some other well laid communities. We also provide bulk mail services for corporate clients. With over 211,000 installed letter boxes your business registration and delivery is well connected.

Courier Services

Courier Services

EMS provides the fastest means of sending documents and merchandise across to business partners and relatives, both domestic and abroad. We provide the quickest and most affordable courier services in the country. Our aim is to grow your relationship with your business partners, as we have designed export services to meet the needs of small-scale exporters. EMS, your lifeline partner…

Ghana Post Financial services

Financial Service

Remittance services

These includes foreign money transfer services like: Western Union, Money Gram, Express Fund, Ria among others. Soon, World Remit Remittance Service and other remittance services will kick in to give customers expected variety of services.



We are the choicest delivery agent to take your parcel or merchandise to any part of the country. We provide dedicated motor bikes and delivery vans for this business with a reliable website (www.postshop.com.gh) that SMEs and start-up business can display their goods.

Ghana Post GPS

Ghana Post GPS App

This is a value-adding service which provides means for institutions to verify addresses and aid in KYCs. It is a repository of national data with the aim of enhancing government digitization agenda and proper planning to formalize the economy of Ghana.