GhanaPost and Speedaf Strengthen Ties to Serve Customers Better

Publish Date

September 27, 2023


In a bid to enhance their longstanding partnership and provide improved services to their customers,
Ghana Post and Speedaf recently reaffirmed their commitment to collaboration. Ghana Post Managing
Director, Bice Osei Kuffour, along with senior management members, paid a courtesy visit to the new
management team of Speedaf at their Accra office.

This meeting marked a pivotal moment in the enduring relationship between the two organizations.
Ghana Post and Speedaf have a history of working together to facilitate postal and courier services in
Ghana. With a renewed dedication to delivering efficient and reliable services, both entities are
determined to address customer concerns and reduce complaints.

During the meeting, Managing Director Bice Osei Kuffour expressed optimism about the future of this
collaboration, highlighting the importance of mutual cooperation in an ever-evolving logistics landscape.
He stated, "Our partnership with Speedaf has been instrumental in connecting people and businesses
across Ghana. By working closely together, we aim to further streamline our operations, ensuring that
our customers receive top-notch service."

As part of this joint effort, GhanaPost and Speedaf agreed to explore innovative solutions, optimize
logistics, and streamline operations. These initiatives will not only improve the speed and accuracy of
deliveries but also enhance tracking capabilities, ensuring that customers have real-time visibility into
the status of their shipments. The ultimate goal is to reduce transit times, minimize disruptions, and
increase overall satisfaction among their clientele.

As Ghana Post and Speedaf fortify their partnership, customers can look forward to a seamless
experience when sending and receiving packages. The collaborative efforts of these two industry giants
demonstrate their commitment to meeting the evolving needs of the Ghanaian people and businesses,
solidifying their position as key players in the country's logistics and postal sectors.