Ghana Post MD appointed to GAQHI Board

Publish Date

March 6, 2022


The accredited members of the Ghana Association of Quasi- Government Health Institutions (GAQHI) has appointed Ghana Post MD (Bice Osei Obour Osei Kuffour) as a member of the new GAQHI board for a 4-year term in line with the GAQHI constitution.

The Ghana Association of Quality Government Health Institution is a group of health facilities belonging to state-owned organisations under different sectors and ministries providing health care complementary to the ministry of health mandates.

Currently, there are over one hundred and fifty health facilities under the States owned organisations providing high-quality healthcare services to their staff and dependents,the communities they operate and the general public.

Ghana Post MD appointed to GAQHI Board

The other nominated members on the board are.
1. The Governor, Bank of Ghana
2. The Director-General Ghana Ports and Harbour Authority.
3. The Director-General, Ghana Atomic Energy Commission.
4. The Registrar, University of Ghana.
5. The Vice-Chancellor, Takoradi Technical University.
6. The Chief Executive Officer Cocobod.
7. The Commander 37 Military Hospital.
8. The Medical Director Police Hospital.