Ghana Post delights children of Borstal Home with chocolates on Valentines Day

Publish Date

February 16, 2024


In a heartwarming display of compassion, Ghana Post’s “Vals on Wheels” campaign went beyond the usual Valentine’s Day celebration as the team embarked on a mission to deliver more than just parcels to Ghanaians.

They delivered love, hope, and a sweet surprise to the young souls at the Borstal Institute for Juveniles now called the Senior Boys Correctional Centre in Accra.

The Correctional Centre, nestled amidst the bustling city, houses young individuals who have often been overlooked by society. These juveniles, convicted of various offenses, find themselves in a challenging environment where they are stigmatized.

However, their world brightened on Wednesday when the Ghana Post team arrived with a special delivery – over 300 bars of chocolate and a cash gift – to put smiles on their faces.

Led by the Chief Commercial Officer of Ghana Post, Kwesi Owusu-Abrokwa, the team which also included top management members such as the General Manager in charge of Human Resource, General Manager in charge of Business Development and Head of Legal, interacted with the juveniles.

The team from Ghana Post was received by the Deputy Director of Prisons who oversees the facility, Madam Millicent Owusu.

While expressing gratitude for the warm reception, the Chief Commercial Officer of Ghana Post, Kwesi Owusu-Abrokwa used the opportunity to encourage the juveniles not to lose hope.

“Society hasn’t forgotten about you,” he assured them. “Your dreams are still within reach.”

He also emphasized the importance of diligence in academics and promised support for those who showed excellence.

But Ghana Post’s kindness didn’t stop at chocolates. Mr. Abrokwa also gifted the facility an undisclosed amount of money.

This financial aid, he indicated was to support their academic needs including the purchase of books, pens, and other essentials. On her part, Madam Millicent Owusu expressed her heartfelt gratitude.

According to her, “These children often feel forgotten, but today, Gana Post reminded them that they matter.”

She pledged to ensure that the academic support reaches those who needed it most.

She entreated Ghana Post to visit often and appealed to the company to cater for the academic welfare of certain brilliant students.

She urged management to also draw the attention of corporate institutions they deal with to the plight of the juveniles at the facility.