Ghana Post Awarded Prestigious Courier Services Brand of the Year 2023

Publish Date

September 8, 2023


Ghana Post, the nation’s premier postal and courier service provider, has once again captured the
spotlight by clinching the prestigious title of "Courier Services Brand of the Year 2023” at the recent
Ghana corporate Brands awards held on September 2, 2023, at the Accra International Conference
Centre. This remarkable achievement adds to the company’s growing list of accolades and reinforces its
status as a trailblazer in the courier and logistics industry.

The Ghana Corporate Brands Awards is an annual event that recognizes and celebrates the best brands
in Ghana. The awards are based on a rigorous evaluation process that considers factors such as brand
awareness, customer satisfaction, and corporate social responsibility.

Ghana Post was recognized for its commitment to providing reliable and affordable courier services to
businesses and individuals across Ghana. The company has a nationwide network of over 1,000 post
offices and agents, and it offers a variety of courier services, including express delivery, international
shipping, and document delivery.

Interacting with journalists on the sidelines of the event, Chief Commercial Officer of Ghana post Mr.
Kwasi Owusu Abrokwa expressed his appreciation to the organizers of the event and Ghanaians stating,
“We are honored to be recognized as Best Courier Services 2023 and hope to build on this achievement
and improve the experience of our clients by introducing new and innovative products.” He also
emphasized the enormous contribution of his team in accomplishing this enormous feat. “This award
recognizes our employees’ hard work and dedication to providing the best service possible to our
customers,” he noted.

Ghana Post’s story of transformation from a traditional postal service into a modern courier
powerhouse is nothing short of inspiring. Central to this remarkable journey has been the strategic
infusion of technology into every facet of its operations. This technological pivot allowed Ghana Post to
revolutionize its services, enhance customer experiences, and set industry benchmarks.

In an era of rapid technological advancement, Ghana Post recognized the imperative to evolve. Ghana
Post has embraced innovation as a cornerstone of its strategy and invested in state-of-the-art logistics
solutions and digital platforms. These investments have enabled them to streamline their operations,
ensuring parcels and documents reached their destinations with unprecedented speed and precision.

The introduction of tracking systems and digital platforms also revolutionized the customer experience,
allowing clients to monitor the progress of their shipments in real-time. With these advancements,
Ghana Post not only met the needs of the digital age but exceeded expectations, positioning itself as a
leader in the courier services sector.

Behind Ghana Post’s ascent to industry prominence stands its exceptional leadership team. Their vision,
strategic insight, and unwavering commitment to the company’s mission have played an instrumental
role in steering Ghana Post towards excellence. Their ability to navigate the complexities of a rapidly
evolving industry, while upholding the company’s reputation for reliability and trustworthiness, is a
testament to their leadership prowess.

Ghana Post’s leadership has not only guided the company through transformation but also earned it a
series of prestigious awards in the past. Notable among these are the “Excellence in Innovation Award,”
“Most Reliable and Fastest Courier Company in West Africa 2019” by Pillars Modern Ghana Awards, and
the “Excellence in Innovation and Technology 2019” at the Ghana Shippers Awards. These accolades are
a testament to the company’s unyielding commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer

As Ghana Post basks in the glory of its latest achievement. Owusu Abrokwa extended an open invitation
to all Ghanaians encouraging them to make Ghana Post their preferred courier and logistics company.
He stated,” We are poised to further expand our reach and impact and would entreat all Ghanaians to
make Ghana post their preferred courier brand for smart, timely, efficient delivery system which
guarantees top notch customer service at all times.”

Ghana Post is not just a courier service; it’s a reflection of Ghana’s progress, innovation, and
commitment to excellence. The company’s dedication to embracing technology, its history of accolades,
and the visionary leadership that drives its transformation make it a beacon of hope and a source of
pride for the nation.