Communication Workers Union Pays Courtesy Call on Bice Osei Kuffour (Ghana Post MD)

Publish Date

February 6, 2022


The Managing Director of Ghana Post Mr. Bice Osei Kuffour played host to the executives of the Communications Workers Union (CWU) led by the General Secretary Mr. Hotor.

The meeting, which was meant to be a courtesy call, turned out to be an opportunity for the Union to voice out their expectations of the new Managing Director.

Outlining his vision for Ghana Post, the new Managing Director pointed out that he is determined to make the company the number one choice in the courier business. He said to be a leader in the courier market, the should be a cultural change that will result in a paradigm shift. He singled out the attribute of ‘Speed’ to be the most important ingredient to help achieve that dream. He called for the support of the Union in trying to instill new discipline in an effort to turn things around.

The Union, on the hand, expressed satisfaction to the wisdom and knowledge exhibited by the Managing Director. They pledged their support to him and advised him to keep to his word as they also do their part of the bargain. They further advised the Managing Director to be wary of the staff who will go to him to malign others for personal favours.

It was indeed a good meeting which set the tone for a good working relation between the Union and Management.