Privacy Policy for Ghana Post Riders App

This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) outlines how Ghana Post, the mobile application for riders (“App”) developed and operated by Ghana Post Limited, collects, uses, shares, and protects user information. This Policy is designed to inform riders (“Drivers”) about the types of personal data that may be collected, the purposes for which it is collected, and the measures taken to safeguard their privacy.

  • Information Collected: 
  • a. Personal Information: The App may collect personal information, such as names, contact details, and driver identification details, during the registration process. 
  • b. Order Information: Information related to delivery orders, sequenced stops, and process compliance data may be collected to facilitate efficient delivery operations.
  • Use of Information: 
  • a. Order Management: Personal information and order details are used for the efficient management and communication of delivery updates to stakeholders. 
  • b. Sequenced Stops: The App utilizes sequenced stops data to provide drivers with optimized delivery routes for enhanced efficiency and improved customer experience. 
  • c. Process Compliance Enforcement: Information may be used to ensure drivers comply with specific steps dictated by the Service Level Agreement (SLA) during the delivery process. 
  • d. Proof of Delivery (POD): The App allows drivers to submit OTPs, signatures, or pictures as proof of delivery, enabling the resolution of customer disputes seamlessly. 
  • e. Real-time Updates: Data is used to send real-time updates at every stage of the delivery process, keeping all stakeholders, including customers, informed and engaged.
  • Data Sharing: 
  • a. Stakeholders: Relevant information may be shared with stakeholders, including customers and internal teams, to provide real-time updates and ensure a seamless delivery experience. 
  • b. Compliance: Information may be shared as required by legal or regulatory obligations.
  • Data Security: 
  • a. Encryption: User data is encrypted during transmission to ensure secure communication. 
  • b. Access Control: Access to user information is restricted to authorized personnel only.
  • Data Retention: 
  • a. Trip History: Information related to trips, deliveries, and compliance data may be retained for analytical and record-keeping purposes.
  •  b. Proof of Delivery: POD submissions may be retained for dispute resolution and record-keeping.
  • User Control: 
  • a. Account Settings: Drivers have the option to manage and update their personal information through the App’s account settings.
  • Updates to the Privacy Policy: 
  • a. Notification: Drivers will be notified of any significant changes to the Privacy Policy. 
  • b. Consent: Continued use of the App after policy changes implies user consent to the updated terms.
  • Compliance with Laws: 
  • a. Ghanaian Laws: The App operates in accordance with relevant data protection laws in Ghana.

By using the Ghana Post Riders App, drivers acknowledge and agree to the terms outlined in this Privacy Policy. For any inquiries or concerns regarding privacy matters, please contact

Date of Last Update: 24th January 2024