Door To Door Services

In our quest to develop good customer relationship Ghana Post has ventured into personal selling as an effective promotional tool. Customers can now receive mails at the comfort of their homes and do not have to spend time and money to trek to the post office merely to check their letter boxes.

This value added delivery service has been introduced to satisfy customer demand and ensure customer loyalty. The major attention of this service to our customers is the convenience and speed. Thus, Ghana Post is now focused on delivering long-term value added service to customers.

Business Mail Service

This service is meant for corporate bodies and institutions. It affords corporate institutions the luxury of a “call way service”. Bulk mails are collected from the door-steps of institutions like the banks, mobile phones service providers and other big institutions. The mails are brought to our offices for processing and onward delivery to respective recipients. The Business Mail Service attracts speedy and reliable delivery of mail items to addresses.

Direct Mail Service

This service allows companies and individuals to advertise their products or services, using the mail boxes. It gives the advertiser the opportunity to reach a wide range of people country wide. A small fee is charged for this service. Delivery of company mails using Private Mail Bags is also available for interested organisations to now receive their registered and ordinary letters in locked up bags at a fee. Letter boxes are readily available in all leading post offices for rental.

Parcel Service

The core operations of Ghana Post is to deliver letters and parcels of all sizes to all destinations both within Ghana and abroad. Within the country, the company has reliable fleet to support its deliveries. Apart from delivering to home and institutional addresses, the over 700 Post Offices including Postal agencies gives our valued customers the chance to receive packages at choice locations.

Outbound and inbound parcels are treated with high security alert. Because of the need to secure and prevent pilfering and theft, CCTV cameras have been installed in our exchange hug at Airport as well as in our mails rooms. The company is currently considering getting tracking devices for all our delivery vans.

Agency Services

Priority Mail on behalf of Tertiary Institutions (University & Institutional Applications Forms) WAEC Scratch Cards, Etc.