Today, October 9, marks the World Post Day and as a global player, Ghana is joining hands with other countries around the world to celebrate the day.
The day has been marked since 1969. It is held to mark the anniversary of the creation of the Universal Postal Union. The union was established to create and maintain a postal system for the free flow of mail around the world.

It affords member countries the opportunity to review their postal activities with a view to celebrating achievements and set new objectives and strategies for enhanced postal service.

Parcel deliveries

As part of activities to mark the day in Ghana, the Managing Director of the Ghana Post Company Limited, Mr James Kwofie, says the company intends to revive postal services in the country by revamping its domestic parcel services.

He said although majority of foreign parcel deliveries are done by the company, many customers are unaware that the company does domestic parcel deliveries as well.

The domestic parcel delivery services, he explained, would help its customers and prospective customers to safely send their items from one part of the country to another.


Mr Kwofie also said the company has also introduced an e-commerce service to support the buying and selling companies in the country to freely advertise their products.

He said the e-commerce platform, which will operate like Amazon and the likes, would also open up the Ghanaian markets to non-Ghanaian customers, since the service could be accessed anywhere in the world.

He said to further make the e-commerce platform more convenient for customers, Ghana Post, would actively take part in the service by delivering items that are bought on the platform to its owners.

Mr Kwofie added that the e-commerce platform would be run for free after its launch this month for the first 12 months, before companies that would be advertising on the platform would be made to pay for their content.

Similarly, he said, Ghana Post is also introducing electronic evaluation system to enable its customers to easily know the amount they are supposed to pay on received parcels, particularly those sent from abroad.

He said the electronic evaluation service would help to clear some of the inconveniences customers go through before taking their parcels from the company.

Mr Kwofie explained further that the service would also help to block some of the leakages in the company’s finances, stressing that the service would help to ensure consistency in their pricing system.

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