Public Notice

The Customer Service Department has in its custody letters/small packets that cannot be delivered because of incorrect addresses and telephone numbers.

Incase you find your name on the list or the name of somebody you know, the letters or small packets can be collected at the Customer Service Department GPO Accra Central  upon submission of a valid ID Card for identification and collection  at the Customer Service Department.

Please note that the items would be returned to sender (s) after this date.


Letter and Cards

  Serial  No  TRACKING No.                          NAME             REMARKS  1 UH014245431US     Nadesh   Breno  2 UH013990105US     Paul Tony Jabez  3 UH014143154US     Aseda Hostel Blue  4 UH013741933US     Aziz Abdulai  5 UH 014085139US     Ltdia Korkoi...

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