Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get a Post Office box?

Currently boxes are available in most Post Offices. Just apply online and you will be allocated a box

How much is a parcel or letter to UK, US, Germany?

Please refer to rates and charges. It depends on the weight of the item and the country of destination

How long does it take to send a parcel to UK, US, Germany?

UK – Three to Five working days
US – Five to Ten Working days
Germany – Three to Six days

What are the opening and closing times?

Business starts at 8:00am and Closes at 5:00pm

Do you work on weekends?

No. But we will offer extended hours soon.

Can one get all the services in any Post Office?

Currently, only the major Post Offices located in towns and cities have all our services though we are continuously expanding to other Post offices.

Where do I report customer complaints.

Send report to

Where do I report careless driving?

Report to

Where do I report employees misconduct?

Report to