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Courier Service

Ghana Post provides Courier service through its Express Mail Service (EMS); which is a postal express service for documents and merchandise within Ghana; and from Ghana to other countries.

The EMS service provides the quickest and fastest courier services in the country. Its main aim is to provide efficient customer services to the public and corporate bodies. It is the courier wing of the company’s traditional operations.

Besides the basic services of domestic and international courier services, there are other service varieties such as the Export Service which is designed to meet the needs of small scale exporters.


Other products like Same Day Delivery Services which provides “Same Day” delivery from Accra to selected towns and the Student Services have all been introduced to meet customer demands.

A state of the art technology has been set up to support the processes and monitor items sent through EMS. Items could be determined when it gets to its final destination through the tracking and tracing facility

EMS delivery service continually seeks improvement over its counter services with particular reference to customer waiting time and improvement in mail transmission times.

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Speedlink is a domestic courier service which provides customers with the quickest of service ever. The concept of speedlink helps corporate bodies and individuals to have access to their parcels and documents within the shortest possible time. We link customers up to their left over documents to ease the burden of traffic on a return to pick up.